Ontario’s Wine Industry – Harvesting the Benefits of SR&ED

How wonderful it is to proudly browse the wide selection of Ontario’s wines at your local LCBO. Knowing that your own winery is both a driving force in the Canadian economy and an innovator of the local wine industry can certainly be rewarding, both personally and professionally.From challenges to opportunitiesQuite often the goal of a grape grower to produce a consistent, high-quality brand of wine is met with many unexpected challenges. With the erratic situation of the Canadian economy following the recession, wine makers of Ontario struggle to produce at the risk of manufacturing downsizing. In addition to economic factors, the wine industry of Ontario is faced with a higher stringency under Vintners Quality Alliance (VQA) regulations, and the push from Wine Council of Ontario (WCO) to raise industry standards by participating in programs like Sustainable Winemaking Ontario.For the individual winery of Ontario, keeping up with competition means continuously utilizing new technologies and finding innovative ways to provide a premium product, despite such challenges. Simply put, this boils down to having the necessary financial opportunities become available to maintain a healthy competition. Are these opportunities available to the wine industry of Ontario? Yes – SR&ED is the answer!The SR&ED programThe SR&ED program (Scientific Research & Experimental Development) aims to reimburse companies for their experimental development expenses. For over 20 years and with about $4 billion a year in funding, it remains the largest single source of federal funding for R&D in Canada. The goal is to make creativity and innovation affordable in the Canadian business environment and foster future development.The program is highly relevant to businesses who are naturally involved in shop-floor
experimentation. R&D projects that qualify under the program include (1) work undertaken for the purpose of achieving technological advancement and/or (2) creating new, or improving existing materials, devices, products or processes. The actual refund amount depends on proper identification and qualification of eligible expenditures.Wineries in Ontario serve as ideal candidates for such funding. Typical SR&ED eligible activities that apply to the wine industry include:Developing new wines
Altering soil chemistry
Handling and harvesting technology
Improved bottling techniques
Altering practice as result of the weather
Many more…
Wineries and growers may be regularly overcoming such obstacles in daily operation. Your innovative solutions to these problems may very well qualify you for some SR&ED funding. The program supports any attempts to improve your business operations, even if they do not prove successful.Which costs qualify?Working on new ideas takes time, wastes material and requires equipment modification. The SR&ED program allows retrieving these expenses:68% of wages and salaries of personnel directly involved in R&D
41% of sub-contractor expenses
22% of capital expenditures
The refund has no strings attached – as a winery owner you are free to spend it anyway you like – buy new equipment, attempt new projects, or give everyone a big bonus – the decision is yours!How we can help?Submitting a SR&ED claim is a fairly complex and time consuming process. It involves properly identifying eligible activities within your business, associating the appropriate costs to these projects and completing a highly technical report to support the claim.Using the extensive experience of a professional consultancy like ourselves, business owners have the opportunity to review their potential for qualification, and complete the application process in a few hours, and with no up-front costs. We get paid when you do!Discovering that your business is eligible for SR&ED funding makes a world of difference. The goal is to help your winery take potential technical risks that will eventually lead to significant improvements in your industry.

Vemma Review – Part Of The Next Trillion Industry

Vemma is a Network Marketing Company that promoted liquid nutritional beverages featuring the world renowned Magnosteen fruit. VEMMA is part of the next Trillion Dollar Industry. VEMMA NEXT is the most comprehensive and finest children nutrition formula available.VEMMA stands for vitamins,essential minerals, mangosteen and aloe and comes as two liquid drinks to be mixed together and consumed daily instead of taking more conventional vitamin/mineral supplements. VEMMA, and most mangosteen products sold in the United States. VEMMA sells products that are just making a killing in the health and wellness industry right now.VEMMA looks like a great company with a strong product backing it, but your success in a company like this will stem off your ability to market well and work with a team of people who are motivated and success-oriented. VEMMA mangosteen juice contains 12 vitamins,aloe Vera,essential minerals and green tea.VEMMA was launched because we know that what currently works extremely well in the Mult Level Marketing Industry is a single product focus. VEMMA is a proven company, employing the best of the best, and is creating an outstanding opportunity.VEMMA NEXT will not only help one child’s health, but also the health of a child somewhere in the world.Mangosteen, one of the highly touted components, is a tropical fruit prized for delicate taste. Mangosteen trees are native to Malaysia but grow elsewhere in the tropics, mostly in India,Thailand,Vietnam and other parts of southeast Asia. Mangosteen juice comes from the mangosteen fruit, just as orange juice comes from an orange.Mangosteen’s juicy layers of deep rich-red pericarp has special compounds hidden inside, and therefore it has gained popularity for it’s use with a number of beneficial properties. Mangosteen is a familiar nutrient in the nutrition drinks specially those that are marketed by the Multi Level Marketing Business style. Mangosteen, are rare nourishing fruit, is one of the main ingredients of this health drink. Mangosteen is the major nutrient being promoted.Vere is what you would commonly call an energy drink, which as you have probably heard, are being consumed faster than they can be put on the shelves these days. Vere contains more natural ingredients compared to brands like Red Bull,Monster and Rockstar and is definitely a healthier choice.Vere runs $65 for a 24 pack of 8 oz bottles or a 24 pack of 3oz shot bottles. Vere is a radical energy drink that offers serious nutrition to go along with that energy burst people crave. Vere let’s you tap into the $5 billion youth-oriented energy drink market.VEMMA is also partnering with the wonderful non-profit Children’s Miracle Network. VEMMA is rapidly helping thousands of people reach their dreams and create the lifestyle they are looking for in a business. VEMMA is a proven company creating an outstanding opportunity for everyone.Vemma has a great product and a business plan in place to help the masses if they are willing to put in the work. The products are outstanding to the point a certain Doctor you see on TV all the time has put his seal of approval on all of VEMMAS products.So there is my review of VEMMA, Just remember no matter what opportunity you are involved with, go after your DREAMS, Live life to the fullest and most of all have fun!

Technology Investment – What You Need to Know to Profit by Investing in Technology

With the stock market on a crazy roller coaster this last year or so in the wake of the global financial crisis, investors are looking for sectors where they can make the most money on their investment; and, recover what money they have lost. I think a good argument can be made that technology investment will be one of the most promising sectors to be in for quite some time to come.Whether you are referring to green technology or the HITECH legislation intent on uploading medical records into computing “clouds” or nanotechnology, most experts agree that the future is quite bright in this area.Contrast that with non technology investment in such areas as has heavy industry or even Detroit auto manufacture and I think you’ll find that maximum profit potential lies with technology.But how does one go about finding specific stocks or funds to invest in to take advantage of these technological breakthroughs without losing significant portions of the capital on stocks that fail to deliver or simply fall behind in their particular industry?The most money can be made in areas that are volatile; but that volatility works both ways and can easily produce negative returns on a large scale as well. It really takes an expert to be able to sort through all the information available on companies and the advanced sciences they employ.This need for high expertise to sort out the winners from the losers is what drives most investors to seek out a technology mutual fund or a technology newsletter with experts who have the time and competency to do all the research necessary.There are advantages and disadvantages to investing in a mutual fund and one of the disadvantages is a fund has to invest in more stocks than what they really would like to be involved with simply because of the large volume of money that is thrown their way and the small pool of companies with potential.Quite often a technology investment is best placed in a very small capitalization company that is too small to be capable of producing a large return for a mutual fund. An individual investor on the other hand can take a sizable position in relative terms to profit handsomely if that company delivers on what the market expects of them and rewards them with a higher share price.This tips the scale towards the technology newsletter as the go to source for the expertise to determine what companies should be the recipient of your capital and which ones should not. One would do well to look at the credentials of the individual researcher employed by the research firm in order to determine if they will be a good source of information.I also believe track records should be examined, although sometimes those can be somewhat difficult to verify and ascertain to insure that the figures you see resemble real-life experience.